Land Banking: The Art of Creating Long-Term Sustainable Wealth

Learn how to take control of your financial future with Green4Wealth’s unique Land Banking solution. Land Banking is the proven Wealth Building Strategy of acquiring pre-developed land in the growth path of a major metropolitan centre; waiting for its value to mature, and then selling it for a significant profit.

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Turnkey Foreclosed Homes: The Program Where “You Become the Bank”.

Take advantage of incredible real estate values with the only complete turnkey foreclosed home acquisition program in the market. You can start reaping double-digit returns day one. With the help of our strategic partners, we purchase homes direct from the banks and then repackage and resell them in a unique process where “You Become the Bank.”

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Fixed Rate Secured Notes: The Safe, Secure Alternative Choice.

Banks have tens of thousands of performing and non-performing notes that they need to get off their balance sheets—sooner than later. You can acquire these notes individually or in loan pools with potentially huge discounts and opportunities. Green4Wealth has immediate access to a near unlimited inventory and a proven exit program.

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Self-Directed IRA/401k Plans: Purchase Real Estate or Notes Penalty Free.

Establishing a Self-Directed IRA can provide you with the catalyst to take advantage of non-traditional investment opportunities like Green4Wealth’s Real Estate Products and Solutions. With a Self-Directed Plan, you can immediately gain complete flexibility of your retirement portfolio and take control of your financial future.

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