Turnkey Foreclosed Homes

Green4Wealth has developed a turnkey process for individuals who want to take advantage of the exceptional returns that can be realized from the purchase of foreclosed or short sell properties, but want someone else to do the work including locating, remodeling and reselling the homes on their behalf.

The Process where “You Become the Bank”

Through key strategic alliances, Green4Wealth has access to hundreds of homes in the Midwest in which we purchase, repackage, market and resell on your behalf. These homes are perfect for investors who desire to save research, time and energy. An investor in a Green4Wealth foreclosed home makes one lump-sum payment that includes:

  • Hand-picking a quality, re-saleable home
  • Establishing an LLC to place the home in
  • Delivering a free and clear title with title insurance
  • Absolutely no additional closing costs
  • All required repairs needed to make the home livable
  • All marketing and advertising needed to resale the home
  • Prospective Buyer’s credit and income verifications
  • Free closing and mortgage note creation services
  • Online library of all relevant documents and home photos
  • Options for various exit strategies as early as 24 months
  • Guaranteed minimum return for first 12 months.

How It Works – Example of a Gree4Wealth Turnkey Home:


Contact us for the most current information and to guide you through our unique turn-key process.

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