All of the information in this website is intended to be used for general educational, informational and promotional purposes of various real estate products and related solutions only and is not intended as a solicitation for you to buy or sell securities.

Even though we believe real estate is one of the safest and secure portfolio assets, potential investors should not invest their cash or self-directed account funds if they cannot afford to lose a portion or all of their investment. Due to the lack of liquidity in most real estate assets it is generally intended for long-term investments. The current economic downturn and disruption in financial markets has had a negative effect on real estate net income and values and there is no information available as to when, or if, the real estate market will become less volatile, net income will improve, and/or property values will stabilize.

None of the material in this website is intended to give you specific tax, investment, real estate, legal, estate, or financial advice, but rather to serve as an educational platform to deliver information; nor is it intended to show you how our strategies presented can specifically apply to your own tax, investment, estate, retirement or financial position, but rather to offer an idea of how our products and services may enhance your portfolio.

Before taking any steps to invest in a real estate asset, or any other investment, you should seek the advice of qualified professional tax, legal, and financial planning advisors regarding your own financial situation.

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